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AVM Fritz!Box WI-FI 6


Wifi 6
Wi-Fi 6 a.k.a. 802.11ax can cover up to 50 Metres (Indoor) with theoretical maximum speed of 14 Gbps . Faster speed between devices with less battery drain.

Cover larger areas without content disruption. Add on Repeaters to cover any blind spots.

Answer or Establish calls from your Home/Office analog telephone line or ISDN BRI with your Smart Phone or subscribe with your SIP Provider.

Integrated DECT
Works with your existing DECT phone sets : Generic Access Profile (GAP) (ETSI standard EN 300 444) type.

Plug and Play VPN Ready
Ability to access blocked websites at installed location (outside China) while traveling in China !

VoIP transformation of your single analog telephone line (Plug and Play)
Ability to establish Home Country telephone numbers with DTMF tones for Phone Banking or IVR ! No more Roaming charges when you have Data Connectivity overseas for Fixed Line Calls.

Smart Home
Remote Turn On / Turn Off devices plus Environment Monitoring.

Home Media Server
Access or play your Music or Video contents remotely on your USB Thumb Drive or HDD.

Full Redundancy
Home or Office Wired Internet fail over with your own Mobile SIM :-

4G on FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE or

5G on FRITZ!Box 6850 5G (Coming Soon!)