LTE Router for Business Continuity

M2MR potential replacement of legacy GPRS products to higher speeds LTE.



featuresHigh-speed Internet and telephony over LTE
The FRITZ!Box 6840 brings high-speed Internet to your home via modern LTE mobile broadband. It supports all available LTE networks, making it the ideal alternative if DSL and cable aren’t available. With top-quality features and a sophisticated telephone system, the FRITZ!Box is the perfect fit for all your home networking needs.

High-speed Internet – everywhere
With tri-band technology, the 6840 opens up new dimensions in mobile broadband: with LTE, high-speed Internet with download speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s in an optimum wireless environment is also possible in places without comprehensive DSL coverage, such as rural areas.

csm_fritzbox_6840_lte_multimedia_600x400_559463510dIdeal for multimedia
With FRITZ!NAS and an integrated media server, the 6840 is the ideal multimedia hub for your home network. Images, music, and movies can be accessed from anywhere in the network, whether you’re using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Wireless LAN for quick connectivity
Smartphones, tablets, or laptops – all your devices are connected in a flash thanks to fast Wireless N on two frequencies. This ensures plenty of fun – whether you’re surfing or using networked applications such as IPTV, video on demand, or multimedia streaming.

csm_fritzbox_6840_lte_und_fritzfon_c4_600x400_336da5592fExtremely convenient telephony
The top-quality features of the 6840 also extend to telephony: in addition to cordless phones, an analog device can also be connected via cable. The built-in answering machines can also be set to forward voice mails to you via e-mail. The fax function provides additional convenience.

FRITZ!Box – a safe bet
Play it safe with FRITZ!Box. Each device boasts a comprehensive range of security features to safeguard your communication. We continuously test and refine these features, and give you peace of mind with free updates.

csm_avm_fritzos_de_600x400_c1100160beFRITZ!OS – bursting with benefits
FRITZ!OS, the operating system for your FRITZ!Box, regularly provides you with new features. Thanks to FRITZ!Apps, you can access your data from your smartphone when you’re not at home, make calls within your home network, or operate your playback devices. It goes without saying that all updates and apps are free of charge.

Award-winning simplicity
Honored by specialist publications and praised by users, the FRITZ!Box operating concept has just one goal: to keep everything as simple as possible. A clear user interface and step-by-step wizards help make this happen.

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