Lanmodo Car Umbrella

Sunshade | Protection | Automatic | Portable




· wireless remote controller

· automatically open and fold in 8 seconds




· easily and gently open and close by finger

· manually open and fold in 8 seconds

Controlled Via Remote Controller

It only take 8s to open the car umbrella in the distance up to 98ft and total installation
process takes 30s, easy and convenient.




Temperature 36℃ Difference

Anti-heated Theory

The hot sunshine will not directly touching your car.


Car Protection

Multi-function such as prevent bird droppings, dust, acid rain, deciduous etc.


Personalized Selection

Several colors available now, DIY a suitable car umbrella for your car.


Function Upgrade In The Near Future

The update function will release soon, we will offer customer more accessories with more functions.

Patented Automatic Folding Structure

The car umbrella folding structure is intelligent and stable, make sure each single action smoothly.


Double Windproof Design

Besides protecting against sunlight and dust, it also withstands a grade 7 level of strong wind.

First Protection

Total four wind-resistant ropes, make the car
umbrella very stable on the car.

Additional Protection for Wind-resistant

When it is windy condition, the car umbrella cloth will automatic
leave the holder and make sure the wind will not
hurt the umbrella structure.


Adjustable Wind-resistant Ropes

You can adjust the wind-resistant ropes length to suit cars with different kind of sizes.

Anti-theft System & Prevent Somebody From Stealing

There are two wires in the prevent theft rope,
it can’t be cut easily.

Full Protection

The suction is made from strong and soft material,
it will not damage the car surface.

Soft Plastic Material

The bottom of the tent is made of TPU circle,
will never create any scratch on the car.

Powerful Driving Force

Precise gear ratio and worm rotation structure ensure.

Strong Suction

Nitrile rubber sucker Strong suction, not easy to fall off.
To ensure the stability.



Horizontal  | Vertical

Military Level

Special customization of hardened military
materials fiberglass rod.

Skeleton Fitting

High Quality Polycarbonate

Tough, Strong, Ageing resistance


Collar Design

Ensure the stability for the frame

Windproof Snaps

Copper material, no rust in sun and rain.

Rechargable battery

One Time Charge

Use One Month


Semi Auto Demo

Auto Demo