GlocalMe SIMBox

GlocalMe SIMBox


It is a Small Office Home Office, Home Country device where you place the device in your Home Country Mobile SIM in it.


To be able to make Home Country call to a Fixed Number or to receive incoming calls while overseas with Internet Access for both SMS or Voice Calls. Exorbitant International Incoming Call Roaming charges can be avoided.


Just download the iPhone ( or Android ( app which connects to SIMBox. Set up the app to connect to SIMBox. Make sure you have good overseas internet access over WiFi or Local Mobile Data.

Your incoming or outgoing SMS or calls will be LOCAL.

15 Advantages to Satisfy Multi-card Users’Demands

A mobile phone changes into a multi-card multi-standby one

An iPhone can easily realize multi-card multi-standby function through SIM BOX Five-card three-standby; SIMBOX four-card dual-standby, switching at will.

No roaming charge for international communication

Make and receive a phone call and receive and send messages all over the world. SIM card is charges according to local tariff, not requiring roaming charge.

Call quality is clear and stable
Reliable without delay as a fixed telephone

SIMBOX has many international and domestic patents with exclusively optimized cloud encryption solutions to ensure clear, stable and non-delayed communication quality through national certification.

Placed at home,
not taken

SIMBOX is placed at home.
Avoid the loss of multiple mobile phones.

Real 4G,
fitting all kinds of networks

Support 2G, 3G and 4G full system networks. Compatible with SIM cards of China Mobile, Telecom and Unicom.

7*24-hour online.
Call/SMS is not missed

Placed at home, with power on and connection to the network, the SIM cards in SIMBOX can be 7*24-hour online.

One key synchronization.
An exclusive contact of SIM cards

GlocalMe Call supports one key synchronization of address book, which can import contacts of different SIM cards.
Each SIM card has an exclusive address book.

Privacy protection.
Complete and thoughtful

TLS encryption is used ion the whole process of communication Achieve telecom-level communication security without worrying about privacy disclosureRealize SIM card special-purpose, and support the establishment of a blacklist, capable of anti-harassment and anti-fraud.

Upright and exquisite,
fashionable and simple

The operating system has full compatibility

APP “GlobaMe Call” is perfectly fit for iOS and Android Compatible with most mainstream smart phones on the market.

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