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since 2000


The DSL, cable, and LTE hub: Internet, home networking, and telephony – all in one device.

AVM cordless telephones have been specially designed for FRITZ!Box and boast a wealth of convenient features.

The products of the FRITZ!WLAN range make extending the wireless network child’s play and are ready to use in a matter of seconds.

FRITZ!Powerline transforms any power outlet into a network connection, allowing you to incorporate devices into your home network via the power supply.

Practical apps that add new functions to your FRITZ! products, smartphones, and tablets. Simply download free of charge.

FRITZ!DECT products transform your home into a world of smart technology or simply help to increase the range of your telephony.

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Ready for the next level of speed

The FRITZ!Box 7581 provides for a speed upgrade in your home network via VDSL bonding and supervectoring. Both technologies extend your bandwidth to enable data transmissions with 450 Mbit/s and more.


Full package

Cutting-edge hardware architecture, gigabit LAN at lightning speed and powerful USB ports round out the high-speed network. A telephone system for IP-based connections, including answering machine and fax function, completes the communicational versatility.

WiFi runs on two channels here

By using both the AC and N wireless LAN standards the FRITZ!Box 7581 offers even more range and speed. You can achieve up to 1300 Mbit/s on the 5-GHz frequency band alone. With Wireless N the FRITZ!Box reaches up to 450 Mbit/s in the 2.4-GHz frequency band.

Telephony as you like it

The FRITZ!Box 7581 is not only your ticket to the world of fast Internet, it also comes with a complete telephone system for IP-based connections at your disposal. Here, you can connect your analog phone or fax, your cordless phones (DECT) or use IP telephones. The integrated answering machine and the fax function including fax-to-mail are convenient extras.


Quality entertainment around the clock

Enjoy great entertainment throughout the entire home network. The powerful USB 3.0 ports turn the 7581 into an ideal multimedia hub: music, pictures and videos are available on every device at all times. Instead of waiting for breathtaking 4k television and your favorite music, your media will wait for you.

FRITZ!Box for safety’s sake

You’re always on the safe side with the FRITZ!Box! The comprehensive security concept protects your communications. Constant testing and further development mean it’s always up to date. Thanks to the free updates, you can always rest assured.



FRITZ!OS – fully loaded software

FRITZ!OS, the operating system of your FRITZ!Box, delivers new functions on a regular basis. If you like, you can get all improvements via auto update and don’t have to worry about it in the future. Thanks to the FRITZ!Apps you can even use your smartphone to access your data from outside the home, make calls in your home network, or even control a webcam. And of course, all updates and apps are free.

Award-winning simplicity

The operating concept of the FRITZ!Box has won awards from the press and praise from users for achieving its goal: keeping everything as simple as possible. A clear user interface and wizards accompany you every step of the way.


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MyFRITZ!App for iOS and Android gives you remote access to your FRITZ!Box. Retrieve FRITZ!NAS content or operate Smart Home appliances even when you’re out and about.

csm_fritzapp_und_icon_fon_de_600x400_28d5cd84c7FRITZ!App Fon
FRITZ!App Fon connects your iPhone or Android smartphone to your FRITZ!Box via wireless LAN, offering you a convenient way to make calls from home via the landline and Internet.

csm_fritzapp_und_icon_media_en_600x400_c601c4943eFRITZ!App Media
FRITZ!App Media makes it convenient to control media playback in your home network – for instance, videos on your smart TV or music on your media player.

csm_fritzapp_und_icon_wlan_en_600x400_4b568831dbFRITZ!App WLAN
FRITZ!App WLAN makes it quick and easy to connect your Android device to wireless routers such as the FRITZ!Box. The app also offers a detailed overview of nearby wireless networks.

csm_fritzapp_und_icon_cam_de_600x400_da07dd59a6FRITZ!App Cam
FRITZ!App Cam makes it easy to transform your Android smartphone or tablet into a webcam. This app automatically records images of what happens in front of its camera and makes them available on a web site.

csm_fritzapp_und_icon_ticker_de_600x400_a05e1bc2c3FRITZ!App Ticker
Whether you’re at home or out and about, FRITZ!App Ticker keeps you informed about missed calls and lets you call back directly via your FRITZ!Box’s call list and telephone book.

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