AVM Fritz!Box 6850 5G

AVM Fritz!Box 6850 5G

The world’s first home network router with 5G and Smart Home

Discover the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G – the world’s first all-in-one router with Smart Home for the new mobile communications generation.

5G offers high speeds for real-time applications

The new 5G mobile radio standard provides high bandwidths of more than 2 Gbit/s and reduced latency. Real-time applications such as virtual reality and gaming benefit most from this.

The FRITZ!Box 6850 5G: high performance

The new FRITZ!Box supports 5G bands in the sub-6 GHz range and all current LTE bands in Europe.

Equipped with a 5G/LTE connection, it offers high-performance equipment with fast dual-band wireless LAN, telephone system and a variety of connection options for wired networking. Included are four gigabit LAN ports and a fast USB port. With a DECT base station and connection for analog telephones, the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G provides you with a central exchange for a Smart Home system and cordless telephony.