About Us


Active X‘perience Innovation Leading Advance New Technology

Who we are:

  • Team of telecom professionals with years of regional experience in providing Innovative Products and Solutions to Landline or Wireless Operators.

What we do:

  • We partner companies with innovative products, collaborate and establish new markets. Harness existing technology and improve deployment solution for our customers.
  • We provide last mile secure connectivity over carrier mobile infrastructure as Primary or Failover from Satellite, Microwave and Fibre links failure for their Enterprise customers.

Where we are:

  • We have Subject Matter Expert (Hardware and Software) team in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China. We work closely with Regional Channel partners with offices in the region.

Mission Statement:

  • Improve global connectivity by enhancing and sharing our solutions with the Best of Class solutions.

Our Values:

  • Working with our project partners and channels to deliver cost effective Secure Connectivity Solutions.


  • Sharing our knowledge on Secure Mobile Data implementation experience in the region.