3 Important WiFi Connectivity Considerations

Many home owners experienced poor WiFi connectivity these days when they Work from Home with applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Voice, Whatsapp Audio and Video, YouTube Music and sometimes even with Netflix Video Streaming Services.

Most of the time, their first installation is deployed by their default Service Provider, like SingTel, Starhub and M1 plus other ISPs. More often than not, they left it to the installer using default settings with easy to guess login router or WiFi access passwords.

After the 1st installation, everything works fine. As more and more family members uses this same wireless WiFi access, they all experience bad connections like distorted audio or laggy video over time.

Strategic Placement of Main Router with WiFi

Usually, the installer will place the router in the most convenient place during their visit to install.

WiFi Router

If they ever do a Speed Test for you, it works according to the expected speeds you contracted for both Wired and Wireless location at the nearest point to the installed location. No further test is done if you were to move around to locations where you are most likely to work on, be it your smart phone, smart pad, desk top or laptop. Centrally placed router will serve it’s purpose in most HDB rooms where there are no major structural column walls that acts as a shield detrimental to a good WiFi signal. Plus the fact, many neighbouring units also use the same WiFi default channels which also degrades the performance of your WiFi coverage at home. Only those with technical know how do set it up for maximum benefit.

Wireless Access Point

Home user goes out to buy their own Wireless Access point whenever they encounter coverage issues. From simple low cost Access Point with Wireless Repeaters, (PLC)Power Line Communications Devices and possibly MESH if one is prepared to pay more.

Our Differentiation

Repeaters, PLC and MESH devices does work but cannot compare to Next Generaation of WiFi that incorporates Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Managed OpenSync http://www.opensync.io Hardware Agnostic Routers from PLUME http://www.plume.com with HomePass https://www.plume.com/homepass/ for Home User and WorkPass https://www.plume.com/workpass/ for Small Businesses.

Conclusion :

I hope you have a chance to try it out yourself with which type of WiFi devices that suits you best with the budget you decided.

Do let me know about your experience with any other WiFi set up. I hope you enjoy the article.



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